Baby, come closer
After a long day, imagine walking to your bathroom. 
The hot water in your bath tub is already turned on, your favorite essential oil or bath bomb are added, as well as rose petals to create the romatic, passionate atmosphere. Just sink into this relaxing set up with your partner and watch all that unpleasant stress just melt away. Oh, and don't skip the candles and relaxing music! Strawberry covered chocolates are our gift to you. This package is perfect for: Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Welcome Home Greetings, Appreciation, Apology, Birthday.
Package includes
LED Candles, Essential Oil, Bath Bomb

Real Rose Petals, Flowers Bouquete (to keep), 

Chocolate Covered Strawberries and playlist on us. 

We work with what you love, so the flowers style and colors of set up are negotiable.

Location: BathTub/Jacuzzi of your own home/hotel room or place of choice

Duration: 2 hours. Every added hour is $55

Balloons arrangement of your choice ($185 - $500).

Champagne or bottle of wine available when the bath set up is in the hotel.
We can assist to order alcohol from liquor providing websites.
Disclaimer: Bath tub is a must when booking this package. Our decorations are customized to your bath’s dimensions and its price may vary based on size. We do not offer any deep cleaning services once the package’s duration is over. Our Maza Love stuff comes to collect our equipment and belongings and cleans up only after Maza Events LLC.
Additional guest
Additional hour
Additional 30 minutes