How far in advance 
do I need to book my event?
We typically require a minimum of 72 hours for a booking. Please note that our calendar starts to fill up months in advance, so to book your event as soon as possible is recommended. Based on our availability, we may be able to help you accommodate last-minute bookings.
Can we bring my own food and drinks?
Yes, we want your belly to be happy. However, the Maza Events Team can assist you to order food of your choice from our contracted restaurants for an additional charge and create a menu of your preferences for a complete experience. At the moment, based on the package we offer chocolate covered strawberries, chartreuse board and fruit platter.
What is the event’s location?
Beach, Park or convenience of your home. (See all the locations available when inquiring). If you have a different location in mind, please send that over with your inquiry. The Maza Events Team will do our best to accommodate your location request, however it has an extra fee. We ask that locations be within 50 yards from vehicle access. All State Parks require a special events permit.
Do we have to clean up after ourselves?
Please, do not worry about cleaning. We will do it all for you.
What if we break or spill something?
From our experience with event planning, we know things happen unexpectedly. When stains can be washed, no fee is required. However, if the permanent stain is left, Maza Events will charge the cleaning fee. All damaged items must be paid for and will be charged to your card after your event. The best is to treat all decorations like they were your own.
What if the weather is unpleasant the day of my event?
We understand that weather in Florida is unpredictable and uncontrollable. Unfortunately, we can not refund bookings on the basis of bad weather. In case of wind or rain, you will be able to reschedule your event as long as it’s within three months of your original date. There is no cancellation charge for rescheduling your picnic due to bad weather.
Can we use Maza Events setups for more time than originally booked?
Yes, we are more than happy to extend your event. Please note that a fee is applicable depending on the amount of time requested and package selected.
Do the Maza Events stay during our event?
We do not. We leave after you are settled and return once your event reservation ends. If we are needed during your event, we are available via text or call. We can be on site within minutes.
Can we leave whenever we want?
If you would like to change the duration and leave earlier than the originally arranged time, please provide us with a minimum 30 minutes notice via text or phone call. You are fully responsible for all the Maza Events picnic items until we are able to return and pack up.
Should I include my small children into the guest count when booking?
If you’d like us to include seating and food for them, then include the kids in the guests count. If you have questions, we are just an email away to help you.
Do I need a permit for my event?
This depends on your preferred location, number of people and other factors. If you have a special spot in mind we can assist you with permits.
What is your cancellation policy?
We do not offer refunds but we are happy to change your reservation time if we have availability with 72 hour notice. After 72 hours, there is a 25% rescheduling fee to move your reservation.
Can I add a last minute “add-on” or another guest to my package?
Depends on your preferred add-on. Maza Events Team is available to communicate your needs via email or phone to assist you.
Do you use real flammable candles?
We use LED candles for safety purposes. However, if our clients require real flame candles, we can provide those.
Can I book MAZA Events for corporate events?
Absolutely. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Team buildings are more fun this way anyway!