Additional services
Additional guests
Happiness is the best when shared. Price varies on the package.
$50 to 150
Bohemian Beach Umbrella
Luxury beach umbnrella to provide perfect shade.
Luxury Lodge Chairs (set of 2)
Comfortable beach chairs with pillows for enjoyable seating.
Fresh Flower
Different bouquet sizes available. Luxury forever roses boxes available per request. Service customization available per request.
Decorative Candles and Signs
I LOVE YOU or MARRY ME decorative marquee lights.
Food & Drinks
Food and Drinks Assistance
This service helps to deliver guest provided food and drinks upon arrival. We can help with food orders from food delivery companies.
Ice Bucket with Ice
1 pound of ice and elegant ice bucket. Depends on the size of the party.
Water Refreshments
Water of your choice - still, sparking or coconut. $5 per bottle.
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Chocolate covered strawberries. Non Dairy options available. Flavors and colors customization available.
Charcutterie Board
We partner up with local vendors to bring you fresh and delicious selection. Whether it is small selection box for each quest or family style platter - we can assist with both.
Professional Photographer
8 edited pictures and 1 video (60 seconds).
Violin Player
30 minutes live performance. Playlist customization available.
Fire Dancer
Combination of fire and dance. The performance is 15 minutes long.
Wellness Instructor
Sound healer, Pilates or Yoga and Instructor.
Customizable playlist available.